PSU cable and case fan cable questions

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Aug 24, 2009
  1. Hi I have a foxconn m61pmv motherboard and a foxconn case, the case fan i plugged into the sys fan socket, but the case fan plug has 3 holes whereas there are 4 pin protruding from the motherboard's sys fan socket, is this a problem?

    ok last question. My psu has both a 24 pin atx power connector to the motherboard (plugged it in) but also a 4 pin atx 12v connector ( i also plugged this in, do i need them both plugged in or just one, (i think the 4 pin powers the cpu and the 24 pin the motherboard, in which case they both need to be plugged in, is this correct? Or do they both power the motherboard, and only one needs to be used, which is it? I read the motherboard manual and it isn't too clear on this.

    Ps i have everything else sorted, I just don't want to turn on the power and fry my hard work.

    Thanks, Bob.
  2. bob2006ty

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    please answer someone, it only a few short answer questions and i have to boot the thing tonight.
  3. Tmagic650

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    I am sure you got everything up and running by now...
  4. dmill89

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    And if not; yes plugging the 3 pin fan into the 4 pin motherboard fan connector is ok. The 4th wire is a sensor wire for PWM fans(with PWM fans the motherboard adjusts the speed and needs the 4th wire, standard 3 wire fans just run at a constent speed). Yes you need the 24 pin and 4 pin plugs. And yes the seperate 4 pin atx 12v connector is a dedicated 12v source for the cpu.
  5. bob2006ty

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    thanks all it is all sorted now. i plugged it in and it runs at full speed but doesn't make that much noise so i'm fine. thanks for help, ps i'm typing this from new build now.
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