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PSU Rating plz

By Spiders ยท 5 replies
Dec 18, 2007
  1. is this ne good for a PSU?

    This ATX power supply features 550-watts of power with a Serial ATA (SATA) connector, six large 4-pin power connectors, and two small power connectors. There are two fans that glow a bright blue LED when the system is on, and features a chrome knob that adjusts fan speed and thermal degree. Styled in an aluminum and clear acrylic finish, this power supply offers maximum performance for your PC gaming needs!

    Aluminum and Clear Acrylic finish
    550 watts total
    Two (2) 80 mm LED fan s that glows blue and red
    Adjustable chrome knob that adjusts fan speed and thermal degree
    One (1) 20-inch ATX connector
    One (1) 20-inch ATX12V connector
    One (1) 20-inch ATX Auxiliary connector
    One (1) Serial ATA (SATA) power connector
    Six (6) large 4-pin power connectors
    Two (2) small power connectors
    Supports Intel P4 and AMD motherboards
    ATX ver 2.03 & ATX 12V ver 1.1 compliant
    Works with Always "On" applications
    High energy power
    Low ripple
    Short circuit protection
    Overload protection

    Power Specifications:
    115V, 230V switchable power supply
    +3.3V, 28A
    +5V, 40A
    +12V, 25A
    -12V, 0.8A
    -5V, 0.5A
    +5Vsb, 2.0A
    Unit Dimensions: 3.25 x 5.75 x 6.5-inches (H x W x D)
    Regulatory Approvals: FCC, CB, TUV & UL

    it is 35 dollars
  2. http://forums.firingsquad.com/firingsquad/board/message?board.id=hardware&thread.id=111309

    that is a good gauge for figuring out what is a quality PSU. it lists all of the major ones from best to worst to not-recommended.

    unfortunately for you, you'll find that even a tier 2 or 3 power supply, and 3 is pushing the limits of quality, will range from 80 dollars and above.

    one of the cheaper ones that i believe is good enough to run most systems, based off of what i'm told and recommended, is the Corsair CMPSU 450VX. it gives a lot of power for the price, and it's very high quality. 80 dollars from newegg.com.

    anything below that price is pushing it. because when you start seeing 600watts going for 50 dollars, then you know you've found the low quality pieces of junk.
  3. Daveskater

    Daveskater Banned Posts: 1,687

    You could get one of these PSU's if you wanted to, but as soon as you go to boot your system they'd explode. Maybe even quite literally ;)

    I can't suggest a particular model for you because it depends on what your definition of "newer stuff" is and what it is you want the PSU to power.
  4. Spiders

    Spiders TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 46

    im mostly looking to power a better graphics card than i have but i dont have alot to spend because i need the rest to buy the card :p my current psu is 250w max and im running a radeon 9250 pci, i think i need about 450w for a better card then what i got now
  5. baok

    baok TS Rookie

    The very first thing you might want to look for a PSU is the current of +12v rail. As in your case the +12v rated at 25A means it provide maximum of 300watt of +12v. While that is good enough for a "normal" system, if you want to upgrade to a more powerful VGA card and multiple hard disk, you might want to look for a better PSU.

    If you are on tight budget, that PSU would be enuff for you, but if you have extra budget, I'd say go for a better PSU.
  6. Daveskater

    Daveskater Banned Posts: 1,687

    You will probably need at least 450W but it depends on what card you want to get.

    Enermax Liberty and Infiniti PSU's are very good and which one you should get depends on how many Amps your GPU needs, because the Infiniti gives out more Amps on the 12V.

    True, but that is the maximum load so you don't really want to break into that if possible.

    You would be looking at spending about $100 on a new PSU and probably about the same on the graphics card, possibly a bit over $100 for each, depends on what you get.
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