Q6700 stress test

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Apr 23, 2007
  1. kitty500cat

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    If you're done upgrading for a while...can I have some of the saved cash? :D
  2. LinkedKube

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    coolits tec technology is patented, while there are other tec coolers there are non like coolits, which can operate at low wattage and still outperform anything else in the price range. Simple as said, its the best there is for the amount of money spent. lol and who said I"m done. I'm waitin for the 9 series cards to drop so i can pick two up.
  3. CMH

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    After an extensive search, I've finally found a very small article which compares the switech directly with the freezone. However it doesn't look very professional, but most "professional" looking sites basically did the same things this guy did anyway. Unless they dig out a professionally calibrated temperature probe, its not good enough to be taken as gospel for me.

  4. CMH

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    Whoops, post came out twice.

    Anyway, I'm not saying that your cooler is crap, I'm saying that there are better alternatives available, especially since your processor pumps out an incredible amount of heat. But being able to keep that processor of yours at 32C at load is really good, and I wouldn't really be concerned about it.

    Btw, computer upgrades are NEVER fully done. I've been spending just about every cent I have extra on my comp, and I have nothing close to what supersmashbrada has. Then again, I'm just a student who's surviving on very casual work, so its not like I'm spending thousands every year....
  5. LinkedKube

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    the benches on both are impressive, its the sound issue that gets me.
  6. CMH

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    92mm fans should be quiet... but obviously not as quiet as 120mm fans.

    Funny enough, its my 120mm fans that I hear in my computer, not my 92mm fan, mainly because the 2 120mm fans are at the exhast, while the 92mm is on the graphics card.

    I still have yet to figure out whats making noise in my system, I can still hear it at night when its quiet all around. In the afternoon its inaudible over normal background noises (heck, the wind outside rustling leaves is louder). I'm just too picky.
  7. LinkedKube

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    yep, im picky as well, i understand, the only thing making noise in my case is the coolit system, although i have 4 120mm fans and 2 92mm fans, but they came with my case that i paid 300usd for, they are all quiet, prob just really good after market product :)
  8. CMH

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    Well, a good way to check it out would be to run everything else, except the coolit fan. Unplug the coolit, and all motherboard power, and short the green wire with the black on the 20 or 24pin motherboard connector (which should be unplugged). This should allow you to run all the fans without the coolit, or your computer running.

    From what I read, your coolit makes a HUGE amount of noise at max (which is what you're running at I'm sure). Might be a good idea to change that fan to a 120mm fan, you'll benefit from lower system noise, and if you don't, lower cpu temps.
  9. Temujin

    Temujin TS Rookie

    Hello. I'm new to the forums but have worked with many of CoolIT System's cooling systems. After much testing, I was able answer the question in regards to condensation and any dangers from it.

    On the Freezone, the built-in thermal controller actually keeps track of ambient temperatures at which point it starts to turn down the TEC power. This prevents any significant condensation even if your side panel is on. I did notice very, very small droplets ONLY when my heater duct blew warm air directly on to the TEC where the sensor is placed.

    At no point could I cause enough condensation to build up to even cause concern. You can read a bit on it here:

    The Eliminator doesn't use the same amount of power as the Freezone, nor does it cause condensation at any degree. Between the two units, the Freezone is only a bit louder. I personally swapped out fans that were much quieter, yet comparable, on both units. The Freezone required a bit of adapting but it still worked great. The Eliminator doesn't need the adapter, so it was much easier.

    For the pricing and performance, there isn't anything near as good. Water cooling can cover more components that the units can not. Future CoolIT products may fill that void. Can you imagine your CPU, Chipset, VGA cards all running at about 15 to 20 C at full load while only emitting 20 dB of noise?
  10. LinkedKube

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    thx for this article, think we needed it.
  11. luvhuffer

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    Interesting. This design was developed by Vigor gaming, from what I understand, and somehow Chiilltec came out with the exact same cooler. Some kind of hanky panky going on. Anyway Vigor replaced the big LED module with a PCI card controller in their lite version. It's supposed to be priced a bit higher than the Tuniq Tower but performs better. The controller continually adjusts the power to the TEC to prevent condensation. I hadn't seen the chilltec version till just now via your link. Check the Vigor lite version which anandtech reviews here. The anadtech review of the Vogor TEC looks to have much better cooling than the chilltec.
  12. CMH

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    The design was not developed by anybody. Its just a cooling "accessory", which incorporates a TEC, which has been around for quite sometime.

    I must say I am quite surprised that the Monsoon II Lite has managed to keep such an overclocked chip cool, given that the TEC only takes up 50W at 100% (according to article), which means it can only dissipate (theoretically) up to 50W of heat. Given that a stock Core2Duo dissipates around 90W, and much much more when overclocked like that, the numbers don't quite add up.

    But looking at the design, with extra heat-pipes on the CPU itself, that could have something to do with it. I would have seriously doubted the amount of heat a 4 heatpipe aircooler could dissipate. But this is a single review. Reading more reviews which compares this product to other high-end aircoolers would really prove that this product performs better than other high-end coolers. I particularly like this one because it compares it directly to the Soniq Tower, which I believe is one of the best out there, but like I said, the numbers don't seem to add up. The review also did not mention if the comparison results were done together with the new unit, or were old results with the same methodology.

    But overall, its a great initial review.
  13. CMH

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    whoops, repost.
  14. luvhuffer

    luvhuffer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 443

    Well on the Vigor website they say they have patents. We both know peltier and fans have both been around a long time. And they weren't specific on what part or configuration they have it on. I've been reading a lot of reviews, especially when that anandtech article said the would be priced between $80 and $90. All the reviews I've read were pretty positive including the price which seemed reasonable, but the fact of the matter is it's come out around $130, and me living off of disability, I'm not prepared to go that high. I'd rather buy the Tuniq Tower and a hard drive for the same price.
  15. CMH

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    Well, some guys buy computers just because they can, and they buy super cooling solutions, just because they can.

    For guys like that, I'd say the lowest temps possible would be the main priority. Who cares if it costs twice something which cools 1C higher?

    You must also realise that most people don't have cooling which performs anywhere close to the Tuniq Tower. I'dd say most guys here would be on Stock cooling, then some Zalman solutions or Freezer7, a whole bunch of cheap watercooling solutions, and then you've got some people with worthwhile watercooling, and a handful of weird guys with TEC cooling or DIY.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if the TEC isn't powerful enough, I wouldn't recommend anyone to bother. You'd need something thats at least 200W today I'd reckon, and you'd have to fork out money for a special TEC thermostat with that. Trust me, the thermostat is more expensive than the TEC if you can't DIY it. Normal old thermostats don't work too well with TECs...
  16. LinkedKube

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    yeah I've seen some expensive TEC set ups, around 900usd or so, putting cpu temps to -50 or close. Those are nice because they arent effected by ambient temps, so you dont have to worry about condensation, the deadly sweat:).

    ZWERVER TS Rookie Posts: 55

  18. LinkedKube

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    about 7 years ago a friend and I put a pc in one of those small 4 cubic foot refrigerators with the very small freezer at the top, Worked great for about 30 minutes, then the weirded squeel heard, lol
  19. luvhuffer

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    Ya spend $900 on phase change cooling so they can run as fast as a CPU that costs $400 more than the one they have.<gf> If I had money I would probably be more into it too.
  20. CMH

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    I don't think I've seen a commercial TEC system thats that powerful yet (edit: I remember some WC ones like those now), but I wouldn't be too surprised someone would come up with one. But it would be very very possible to come up with a DIY TEC system for less than 150 bux. Assuming you've already got the power supply to back it up of course, but even if you didn't, a good 350W secondary PSU doesn't cost the heavens. And there's a nice guide to start up 2 PSUs at the same time as well on the forums somewhere...

    I don't really know what you're talking about. Unless they are installed in vacuum, or in a special 0% humidity environment, there will be problems with condensation, and affected by ambient temps.

    These systems would have to be very carefully installed. I have step by step instructions somewhere on my comp on how to properly insulate the whole CPU area and its surroundings from condensation (edit: powerful commercial TEC coolers come with all insulating material, or at least it should). It would easily take a couple of hours for installation of a TEC cooler of that caliber.

    As for phase change, if you could afford that, and actually bought it, you wouldn't be running anything less than the best, and you'd have it seriously overclocked that your CPU would probably beat stock CPUs for the next 2 generations or something.... Its definately gonna be worth more than the 400 extra you're suggesting :D
  21. luvhuffer

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    LM#AO! This probably isn't what you had in mind, and although it looks like it probably would work, it's pretty funny, to look at anyway. It's kind of old and has been lurking in my favorites folder for some time.
  22. CMH

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    Thats exactly what I had in mind actually. Except that it should cover a slightly bigger area.... You don't want condensation coming out somewhere else, and ruining the motherboard or graphics card, would you?

    Bear in mind tool, that you'd have to adapt that to the socket 775, which really shouldn't be much more difficult. Its just too damn time consuming.

    I didn't expect links to stay online for too long, so I actually saved the whole website on my computer.
  23. MetalX

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    Exactly what I do too. ;)
  24. luvhuffer

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    I can empathize with that. I get a tad over $600 a month to live on. So this system I'm running right now is new but used at the same time.

    Used AB9 $80
    Refurbished 7800GT $120 (Ebay no warranty)
    Refurbished 250GB SATA2 Caviar SE16 $55
    New E6400 $200
    New Geil Ultra DDR2 800 $120

    As close as I've ever come to being up to date. Couldn't quite make the 8800 and the 8600 looks wimpy (128bit WUWT?)

    While I'm at it, could somebody buy me this? LOL This sucker is SWEET!
  25. LinkedKube

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