Qarnot's QC1 can mine cryptocurrency while heating your home


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French company Qarnot has shown off a new device that can simultaneously mine cryptocurrency and keep your home warm. As most know, cryptomining requires a lot of processing power and therefore can generate a lot heat. Rather than letting it go to waste, the QC1 computing heater has an efficient solution.

Qarnot has been building products that fuse multi-CPU high-performance computing servers with electrical heaters since 2010. These are sold to real estate companies, local authorities, building owners, etc., who are looking to place heaters in their properties. Companies then rent these servers for data crunching purposes, such as 3D rendering and VFX for film studios.

With the QC1, Qarnot is generating heat from the GPUs instead of the CPU and selling directly to the consumer. It features two AMD graphics cards—Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX580s with 8GB of VRAM—designed to mine at 60 MH/s, and has no fans or hard drive, making it noiseless.

The QC1 takes only 10 minutes to set up, according to Qarnot. Just plug in an ethernet cable, add your Ethereum wallet address, and wait for the digital currency to start rolling in. You can monitor progress and boost the heating with the associated app. Qarnot says that at current Ethereum prices, users can expect to mine around $120 per month, and it doesn’t take any of the coins. The QC1 can be accessed to mine other cryptos, if you wish.

While it might save on heating bills, the QC1 crypto heater's price will likely put some people off. It costs $3600 and is available for order now.

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"Qarnot says that at current Ethereum prices, users can expect to mine around $120 per month"

So, not counting the ridiculous price for what is essentially 2 GPUs and a big passive cooler, $120 a month will be barely anything. When I had baseboard heating, it only ran for about ~2 hours a day, and it was pushing $100 a month in electricity. At 7 cents/kWh.

That heating system was only 2000 or so watts. Two 580s dont pull that much, but they would have to run 24/7, and their actual electricity usage over that time would be much higher. The only way that would make any money would be if etherium jumped to $300+ per coin, but if that were the case, it would take longer to mine a single coin, negating any benefit of a higher selling price.

AltCoins continue to be an utter waste of energy.