Question about installing graphics card

By Taukish
Jun 13, 2007
  1. I have onboard graphics right now (NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE) and i want to install my new graphics card that i got (7600 GT). Is there anything i have to do like disabling the onboard graphics before i install the new card? If so how would i do this?
  2. JimShady23

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    In your system bios you will need to disable the onboard video. Not exactly sure what section of the bios it is under for your motherboard however if you look hard enough ( you can go through every option in a standard bios in about 2min) you will find it.

    To enter your bios you press the 'del' key right at system post, if you have a dell or hp or somthing you may need to press F1.
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    taukish just fyi in my mobo it's F2 (asrock)
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    First you have to uninstall the onboard drivers.
    Watch the screen on booting and it will tell you how.Most are Delete.
    You can't disable it till you monitor is connected to the new card.
    Unplug all Power connections,
    Insert the card,connect your monitor to it .Just finger tight.
    Then first go to bios to disable onboard before booting to Windows.
    So be sure you know how and what key.
    Then use F10 to save and exit bios and continue to Windows.
    Your video card should still have the previous monitor settings.
    It also helps to read your Motherboard manual,so this is the best i can explain this.
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