Build a PC Question about my motherboard and power supply compatibility (ATX v.s. EATX v.s. EPS)


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I have an ASUS M4AGTD PRO, and it requires EATX power.
However, my power supply only has ATX and EPS power (Both 12v, as required by my motherboard).

I at first tried using the EPS cable, which worked. Sorta.
It wouldn't boot, but I can't exactly say that it was at the fault of the PSU just yet, as I had incompatible RAM (wasn't listed under the QVL) and CPU (wasn't listed under the supported processors), both of which are being replaced shortly.

It fit perfectly into place, as well. Which I can't exactly say for the other cable....

The ATX cable didn't work, but it's possible that I didn't place the 2x2 pins in their correct positions, as I've heard mention that it's still possible to power the motherboard with ATX when it requires EATX.

I'm troubleshooting several other things on my new build, so I can't exactly limit my issue to my power supply.

But I guess what I'm asking is whether or not my PSU is compatible with my motherboard.

If it is, then I can eliminate it from my list of suspects.