Question on wireless broadband on the laptop

By guszein
Feb 21, 2006
  1. Hello Everyone
    I recently purchased a laptop with a built-in "Intel ProWireless 2200 802.11b/g Mini PCI Wireless LAN Card". My internet is ADSL Broadband through wired modem router on the desktop. I bought a wireless broadband router (linksys) and tried connecting it to the ADSL router. The laptop recognised the signal from the linksys router but there was no internet on the laptop. Do you think i need a wireless network card for the laptop inorder to get the internet on the laptop? I would like to use the broadband internet on the desktop pc and the wireless laptop at the same time. Hope to hear your opinions on this matter. Thanks
    Gus Zein
  2. Nodsu

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    How did you connect the wireless router to the DSL router? Just plugging it in does not work - networking is a bit more complex than a toaster.

    Connect the wireless router to your computer (and nowhere else (well, do plug it in ;) )) with a cable. In the router setup configure wireless, disable DHCP, change the local IP so that it wouldn't conflict with the DSL router's local address.

    Connect the wireless router to the DSL router using one of the LAN ports. You should now be able to associate with the wireless router and get internet onnectivity from the wired router.
  3. guszein

    guszein TS Rookie Topic Starter

    connecting wireless router to pc

    Hello and thanks for your reply. So I need to start by connecting the wireless router to the desktop and follow your instructions to change the configuration. Then I connect the wireless router to the DSL router. Do I need a network card on the desktop? There is a socket at the back of the desktop which I have plugged the Ethernet cable to when I attempted connecting the wireless router. I will keep you informed after following your instructions
    Thanks again and bye for now
    Gus Zein
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