Quick script, anyone?

By AMD2800+
May 5, 2005
  1. Would anyone be as kind as to offer a script that would sit as an icon on the desktop and when opened, switch the resolution from 1024x768 to 1280x1024 and vice versa? I prefer it on the latter but my mother the former, using a 17" Mitsubishi CRT and i much prefer the larger pixel count.
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    Your graphics card software probably has a hot key function. I am sure you can do this with Nvidia cards, its stands to reason that ATI ones have this functionality as well. I certainly use hot keys for watching between TV and monitor for the multimedia server I have.
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    Well the resolution changer program completely confused me. Website explanation & pop-up box makes very little sense & i'm normally good at this stuff. I've got a nVidia FX5200 with coolbits enabled but can't find any shortcuts to switch resolution. All i need to do is switch the resolution between XGA & SXGA not to do with any specific programs.
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