Radeon 9250 & BF2?

By beatleshair
May 4, 2006
  1. Okay, im new here. I installed a radeon 9250 AGB graphics card, and I was told it was worse than the last one i had, and older. I downloaded the latest Catalyst, 6.4, just today, so i know thats up to date. I can't run BF2. I haven't tested all my old games, so they seem to work fine, along with everything else on the computer. Except Elder scrolls oblivion, but i can kind of accept that...
    So please help, BF2 is like the only other game i play. I don't know a ton about computers, seeing how i just 'inherited' it. Thx.
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    That card is too weak and the game does not support it. While some might be able to run BF2 at low settings with the 9250, it should not be expected to run it.

    Your best solution would be to get a better graphics card. Before you do, check the list of BF2 supported cards to help guide you in your selection.
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