Radeon 9800 Pro keeps crashing my system

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Nov 21, 2004
  1. sefiant

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    omg are you serious then overclocking it to 2.6 means nothing ??? btw i tried a lower res you were right i noticed the difference but still slow for my liking ^^"
  2. howard_hopkinso

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  3. kingspy

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    Hello everybody,
    I have same problem than sefiant,
    My computer crach then i run a application 3d like prince of persia, warhammer... But the application who use Desk or OpenGl, fonction. I have install the last driver (rad_w2kxp_omega_2605a). But the computer always crach and I do my test with Xpclassic and Sp1.
    Maybe it's my mothercard who poses problem because i don't problem with my old mothercard, but when i enter in bios configuration and she's in good configuration.

    Here it's my curent hardware component:

    ATI Saffire 9800pro
    Biostar soket478 PM800 V2.3
    P4 3GIGA

    Please Help me ;)

    Ps: Sorry for my english, i know that i speak english like a spanish cow. :angel:

  4. Pelsdyr

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    I Have the same Problem

    I think the Problem lies on the Grafikkard Cooler...

    I had my computer my a friend and he innstaled a good Cooler to my ATi 9800 Pro and it dident crash...
    Then he tryed without cooler and it crashed after some time....

    Maybe that could be a hint^^
  5. ---agissi---

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    Well no crap you need a cooler!!! Why do you think they have them on the cards stock?

    I dont think this guy is runing the the card without a cooler..

    personally I think your friend should be banned from ever toutching a comp. again, thinking it was OK or wondering what would happen without a cooler on the card.. ofcourse it would crash! Im surprised it even works if it does.
  6. shadow_29

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    your video card would have came with stock heatsink and fan.dont change them unless you want to void the warranty.getting error message or crashing isnt necessarily a sign of overheating (low fps,graphical corruption etc is)it might be because of a lot of stuff.first of explain when you say your pc crashes or "craches" like you put it,are you getting an error message,is your pc rebooting or are you just thrown back in windows.if you get an error message than waht???,and also name the games in which this happens.this doesnt sound like a mobo issue which generally means no video at all or strange behavior like graphical corruption or unexplained reboot or hang.if this is opnly happening in games there is a good chance its on the software side like direct x or drivers or maybe the games itself.
  7. kingspy

    kingspy TS Rookie

    i have found, it's a problem with the mother card. If i use videocard in AGP4X and i deseable the option fast write in bios option. She fonction but perfomance are not very good :suspiciou .
    If you are a other idea, i listen ^^
  8. i think he means the standard cooler, i've heard a few times of the standard cooler not being up to scratch just like it was on my x700pro
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