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Nov 6, 2005
  1. I set up a raid 0 set of two harddrives and have recently noticed my computer has slowed down considerable. Anyway with that said I was wondering what I can do too get that extra performance back. Maybe get a new raid card I'm using a cheap one now or could you possible recomend one. Also should i delete the raid set and format the two harddrives start over from scratch. Could it possible be the HardDrive? I have two 80 GB harddrives ones a western digital dont know what the other one is.

  2. pkroks

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    raid is ideally run with two identical harddrives... that could be your problem
  3. puppetgrimm1

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    I'm sure that maybe the issue for some harddrives but when I first set up Raid 0 "More then a two years ago" There was an incredible boost in performance at least 20% as an example installing windows XP Pro took only half the time now though It's dragin *** Personal I think its the Raid Card "Cheap one $20" but wanted to see if I could get better performance with some of your suggestions or anybody else.

    Thank for your input!
  4. Nodsu

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    Your cheap card is probably "WinRAID" and not true hardware RAID. Basically you have a cheap (slow) IDE controller with drivers doing the striping (using your system CPU and RAM).
  5. puppetgrimm1

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    Actually you Maybe right its a silicon image sil 0680 ultra-133 medley ataraid controler. Can you suggest a hardware raid card that would perform better, what I should look for etc...

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