RAID O setup on Gigabyte P55A-UD6

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Apr 23, 2010
  1. Just got a new P55A-UD6 and two SATA3 6GB/s drives and would like to do a fresh RAID O and OS installation. Sure I will connect the two drives to SATA connectors "GSATA_6" and "GSATA_7" which are controlled by Marvell chip (for SATA3 6GB/s). Then I go to the BIOS / Integrated Peripherals / GSATA 6_7 Controller and make it "Enabled". Then to GSATA 6_7 Ctrl Mode.

    Now the question is: in GSATA 6_7 Ctrl Mode, which option should I choose for RAID O setup? It only has "IDE" and "AHCI" but NO "RAID" option???

    To cut the long story short, how do I enable the RAID funtion on Marvell 9128 chip?
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    Gigabyte's manual should cover RAID setup. I've owned a few gigabyte boards, and they always cover RAID setups quite well.

    The other possibility is that RAID might not be enabled for that 2 SATA ports. Not all SATA ports are covered by the NB, which is why they usually have different colours.
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    But the manual says this Marvell chip supports RAID O but it doesn't say how to set this up.
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    Be careful! Even MS doesn't recommend the boot disk use RAID of any kind.
    1) Raid is a server technology, not client like our home systems,
    2) any failure on a Raid-0 is a total loss and you need to not only replace the failed
    HD but also reinstall the OS (and all other software) and then perform a RESTORE
    (assuming you have one).

    Raid-0 is such a trivial improvement, especially with only two devices, is it really worth the effort and risk?

    Caveat Emptor!! :(
  5. mailpup

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    Although I also don't recommend RAID 0, if you still want to do it, look at page 101 of the P55A-UD6 motherboard manual. The BIOS setup starts there.
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