RAID with 5 different hard drives

By gamingmage
Jun 15, 2006
  1. ok i have a question I have a Western Digial Caviar SE 80GB hard drive and a Asus A8N-SLI Premium mobo with an onboard raid for both sata and pata hard drives. ok i also have about 4 different other pata hard drives right? i was wondering i already have windows and everything running on the sata WD drive and i was wondering if i could put the other 4 pata hard drives in some sort of raid 0 mirroring formation where i could mirror everything from the sata to the rest of the other drives for more data protection. is this possible? will there be any limitations on disk sizes or what? btw im a noob to storage devices but im very experienced in about every other aspect of computers
  2. JMMD

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    RAID 1 is mirroring. RAID 0 is striping with no parity.
    Take a look at this page:

    You can see how each RAID level is different.
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  4. gamingmage

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    oh yea sorry but i was just wondering is it possible to combine both sata and pata drives even after my sata drive is already set up? and i already read that whole thread above
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