Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - LAN Not Working

By JesseM
Sep 4, 2009
  1. When I try to play R6V2 over a LAN, no games show up on the client computer even when I have created and started a game on the host. I am pretty sure the network is configured correctly for LAN gameplay, since I can play COD: WAW over the network.

    It may be relevant to add that one computer is running Vista and the other is running Windows 7, both 32-bit versions.

    I have done a bit of research into the problem, and found a tutorial that shows a way to network through Hamachi for playing LAN games, but my computer running Windows 7 doesn't seem to be happy with the Hamachi program. When Hamachi starts up the UI doesn't show up as it does on my Vista computer, even though the Hamachi process is indeed running. This is pretty inconvenient since there is no way to join or start networks in Hamachi.

    Anybody have any advice or ideas?
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