Random freezes in XP

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Jul 9, 2008
  1. For several months my computer will freeze at times...can't use mouse or keyboard. It is my 7 yr old sons computer now but still causes the same problem. Sometimes when I start-up the computer it has a black screen. I shut down and restart and it usually works, until it freezes again.
    Yesterday I did a complete re-install of XP. Since then I have not had the black screen but it did freeze once when downloading windows hotfix.

    I have run a RAM check.
    I also have run a complete virus/spyware scan several times. (I don't let him on the internet at all anyway)
    I have updated all drivers in the last few months.
    As of now the video drivers are not installed. I thought that the original driver might be causing the problem.

    Any suggestions? I hate to junk the computer if it can be fixed without spending a lot of money.

  2. woody1191

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    Freezing or restarting on a comp is normally caused by Overheating, Faulty RAM or a Damaged HDD. There can be other causes including Viruses and Other Hardware errors but those are the Main Reasons. Since you have already checked the RAM that can be ruled out and the Virus option as well.

    Try running Check Disk and tick the box to Fix Bad Sectors.
    Then try the HDD Manufacturers test it should be on the Support section of there website.
  3. Aolish

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    Since you already formatted and reinstalled xp, i guess we can safely rule out any potential software issues that could be causing the freezing. You might want to check your temps to see if there are any overheating issues going on. There are lots of programs out there that can monitor and display your temps right on your screen assuming your mobo supports sensors. Hmonitor, PC Wizard 2008, Everest etc are just a few of the programs that supports temp monitoring.

    EDIT: when you reinstalled xp did you do a test without installing in ANY drivers? A test with just the xp install is a great way in finding out if its not a driver related issue. Poor drivers can also cause freezes. Reinstalling xp then installing in the same poor drivers will just repeat your problem. Try reinstalling one more time but this time, just use the bare xp installation.
  4. dchauser

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    any other suggestions

    I did not install any drivers after install of XP.
    I checked the hard drive and it had no problems.
    I also checked the temp and it had no warning signs.

    It continues to freeze up and random black screen on start-up before windows logo shows.

  5. woody1191

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    Maybe the Motherboard is faulty if the Computer won't boot up and only goes to a black screen. Try taking the HDD out of that comp and putting it in another to confirm the HDD is being read correctly. If it's read in another comp then it will be the Motherboard going faulty.

    Another possibility is the PSU being faulty as well if you have a spare PSU try replacing it with that.

    Try The HDD switch first because this will be the quickest one to do
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