Random non-fatal but annoying and could-be serious events.

By agi_shi
Aug 11, 2006
  1. Hi all! I built my computer, installed xp and then all my drivers and a few games (ok, one game - Narbacular Drop).

    Here are a few events that have happened so far. When the computer is on and is at use or not, it is 100% stable and fast.


    1) Just today, I went to Start -> Shutdown and my pc did not respond. Mouse moved, but couldn't do anything, just like when explorer.exe is closed... So I used task manager to kill explorer and started it again, and my computer was fine. Mouse and keys worked, as if I didn't order it to shut down. Then I go to the ctrl+alt+del window and press on "shutdown". Same thing happens. But this time I couldn't open task manager...

    2) Sometimes when I start/restart my computer, it hangs on the windows "loading" screen (the windows logo with little blue bar moving "indicating" windows is "loading"). Just stays there... I have to hardware reboot by shorting the motherboard reboot pins (with my reboot button). If windows asks me before boot if I "want to use the last good configuration that worked", and I choose that option, it boots 100% of the time fine... It boots fine without me telling it "last good configuration that worked" about 80% of the time...

    3) Sometimes, but very rarely I turn on my pc, and everything works, but my monitor recieves no signal... It's just a matter of turning it off and on once to get it working, but still...

    I thank everyone who is able to help me!
  2. agi_shi

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  3. agi_shi

    agi_shi TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 385


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