Razer is working on its own N95 respirator with RGB lighting and a clear plastic faceplate


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So most governments have been over precautious and I cannot blame them for that.
I was overcautious myself at first. But now I'm just tired of all the lies and political games violating our freedoms for nothing. In the beginning I was calling for stronger lockdowns. As time went by I started seeing through all their lies.

The media believes everything Fauci says. We might as well call him a washing machine, because his opinion has been so wishy-washy. The media has made Fauci speaker of covid. No one else has a voice on the facts of covid. As if their expertise is somehow void of validity, should they disagree with Fauci.


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Yeah - how could it possibly make sense to wear a simple device that greatly reduces both your chance of spreading the virus and your chance of getting it? Thus materially reducing spread of the pandemic and easily saving countless lives. Instead, let's find reasons to not do that, because we're such free thinkers.

Free, yes - thinkers, no.

Our MAGA friend was a Covid denier, because that came with his politics (sensible !). No mask unless forced by laws. As he was dying from it, raving the last couple days, I felt sorry for... the healthcare workers, who had to continually risk their lives to clean his ignorant butt.

I wear a good mask whenever I'm out in public, because I'm not stupid.

I also stop at traffic lights - another law established to protect the general population from problems with an individual. That's not politicized yet so could be ripe for people to demonstrate their arrogant, self-affirming non-conformance. Maybe resurrect "better dead than red"? That breed do looove their slogans.
Actually illegal in my country, only masks without any sort of filter are allowed. I get Razer's filters are working on exhale too, but try explaining that to the police when they fine you.

Edit: I mean FFP 1/2 masks, not actual heavy duty respirators. Which this mask isn't, since it only blocks 95%.


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And if that isn't bad enough some take the vaccine and die.
How many people have died?
This covid pandemic is a scam.
No but there is a scam ongoing. The remaining vaccines promised to be released don't exist. Never did. That is a scam. The trump administration lying to the end.
The media believes everything Fauci says. We might as well call him a washing machine, because his opinion has been so wishy-washy
Fauci has more than proven himself to be worthy of being believed.
His advice changed only as more information was released
They go in and get tested for covid. Next thing you know they are dying of covid
They get sick. They go to the hospital. Get diagnosed. And some die.
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