Razer releases its RGB face mask for a public beta test


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Don't do me any favors. Besides, it doesn't work. What I am, (in addition to being an atheist), is a sociopath. At least with respect to my ability. to generate any empathy for other members of our species.

What is lacking in Americans today, is the complete inability to accept the consequences of their own actions. (Or in this case, inaction). By choosing to believe whatever bullsh!t anti-vaxing doggerel is available on Facebook, and elsewhere, they put themselves in the hospital, on a ventilator, nobody else.

As for those with, "religious exceptions" to vaccination, since you're so certain god will look favorably upon your decisions, just shut up and die quietly, secure in the knowledge that he, (or she?) is eagerly awaiting your arrival.

"Hindsight is always 20/20", and so it goes. In these covid cases however, lack of foresight can, and often is. lethal to those who don't plan ahead.

If it's any consolation, I'm much friendlier and sympathetic toward animals. This is largely due to the horrors mankind has inflicted on them.

So for now, I've wasted enough of my precious time, doing what you'll almost certainly dismiss as, "bloviating", in your general direction.

Cheers! (y) (Y) ;)
The fallen nature still resides in me and how that nature desires to respond to your energy isn't in acordance with my beliefs so I will resist and just be a broken record. I will pray for you (right now actually).


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The fallen nature still resides in me and how that nature desires to respond to your energy isn't in acordance with my beliefs so I will resist and just be a broken record. I will pray for you (right now actually).
Be that as it may, the only thing that gives me a (somewhat near) religious experience, is listening to the music of Loreena McKennitt.

She is able to separate the "wheat from the chaff", so to speak, being the difference between what she believes is god, and our human misuse and abuse of the term.and concept..

Now, like one of her contemporaries, Enya", she sometimes takes a while to get going and on topic. I hope that won't deter you from listening to this song from beginning to end. .I'll post a couple of the most relevant verses below.

My mind was called across the years
Of rages and of strife
Of all the human misery
And all the waste of life

We wondered where our God was
In the face of so much pain
I looked up to the stars above
To find you once again

We traveled the wide oceans
Heard many call your name
With sword and gun and hatred
It all seemed much the same

Some used your name for glory
Some used it for their gain
Yet when liberty lay wanting
No lives were lost in vain

You'll find the rest at this link.

Don't forget to wear a mask and get vaccinated, just in case you might have some errant beliefs lurking around. Skip the "flashing lights" Razer version though, it's a gimmick they're using to feed gamer's egos.
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Masks do slow down the transmission of covid if worn properly by reducing airborne particulate spread to/from the mouth.

Vaccines are the solution, hands down - but masks do play a part in reducing transmission rates. Very reputable sources such as the Mayo Clinic have numerous studies to review that prove this.

Ironically, the ones less likely to be wearing masks are also the ones who are less likely to be vaccinated.

Just doing both is still your best chance of surviving the DeSantis variant and any future even worse covid strains.


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Yes move to our state, where our economy has been strong during the covid and our death rate ranks 27th behind all the other states. Wanna know which one is #1? New York. Keep believing in your lockdown and we will continue moving forward in our state.
Yes, the solution is not lockdown (a Middle Ages solution really) but testing/isolation of the infected ones, plus (now) vaccination.

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It's all well and good but unless they set it up to use the OSHA standard fitting and provide the purple cartridges' it really isn't very practical. But for those willing to blow the money I guess it doesn't matter ...


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Masks won't stop you from catching a virus. However, they may slow you from spreading it to someone else.