Razer's new Viper 8K gaming mouse features true 8000Hz polling


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I don't have those problems. I used razer software without an account for quite some time (application just makes a profile for you, no username or password). I must admit - I don't use mouse buttons to change mouse from normal to hyperspace, so I can't help with that. 800 is fine for me, 16000 just makes my mouse unusable...

edit: I have a button on the bottom of the mouse for changing the "profile" and it's dedicated. By default, it also came with two buttons bound to + - DPI, I of course changed those to something useful (to me).
That‘s odd. My software won‘t even start properly unless I sign in and the DPI buttons do nothing unless it has fully started.


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I eventually just logged in with FB profile that I don't use. But that was later, I still have some random long number string that the app generated (I think it logged me with it as a "Guest" or something 🤷‍♂️ ), I guess, using my hardware id from, I am guessing again - razer mouse 🤔


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An 18 year old me would be super excited about it, but now, with my weaker eyes and slowed reflexes, it would be of absolutely no benefit.
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