Re-booting problems

By boy2009
Jan 27, 2009
  1. hi guys,

    I just wonder if someone can help me solve my problems. Everytime I turned on my computer, it always reboot twice. The first time it won't go through and re-boot again. After it re-boot the second time, it load windows and this message show up:

    nSvclp encounter problem and need to close.
    I don't know what happen to it. I used Windows XP Pro. Service Pack 3.
  2. kk2264

    kk2264 TS Rookie

    It seems the error message you referred to is related to the Nvidia video card i your system. As a start I would try booting into safe mode and removing the video card and any other related Nvidia drivers you can find (if safe mode will allow you to). Then let the system restart normally and see if it can find the correct drivers itself. Then you can go to Nvidias website and find the driver set for your particular card. If this does not work try safe mode again and under device manager/display adapters right click on the item shown and ask it to rollback drivers to see if an update may have caused this problem to occur in the first place.

    Hope this gets you started at least
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