Realtek High Definition Audio Update Screwup?

By Test2007
Mar 15, 2017
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  1. I am using an old Motherboard MA597 LE R2.0. This motherboard comes with old driver CD (Thank Goodness) that saves my broadcasting and audio setup.

    Yesterday Windows informs me a new driver is out for Realtek that was released on the 13th. Like a ******* I update it because usually updated drivers are safer, better, and bug free. This one comes with a hitch, its a downgrade or worst it no longer supports a feature.

    Current Driver:
    Released: 8/21/2013

    New Driver:

    In the old version I am able to select this feature (playback device) which is no longer present in later verisons:

    If anyone here uses this realtek system please let me know I would love to update, but if they don't have this feature in the new versions I cannot update and will refuse to. Really like to know why they do this?

    Interesting Read:

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