Software Reboot vs reset


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When I rebooted my computer it was a factory reset without losing your operating system. I dont see how a "tech" website can say it's the same thing as resetting. My NES didnt reboot when I flipped the reset button. They are 2 very different things


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Good point -- people use different words. REBOOT is well known and says the system gets restarted with the existing configuration settings. "reset" needs to be defined by those that use it or document what they mean.


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To me "Reset" cycles a power down and then boots back up. A process that flushes memory and reloads the operating system. Which is exactly what the "Reset Button" on the front of my machine does.

When I hear the term "Factory Reset". I think of a recovery partition (or media) that returns a system to factory conditions. That is not the same as rebooting. Reboot, reset, and restart are basically the same meaning. Unless they are accompanied with words such as "Factory".