Recording every word I type?

By vhawk
Jun 21, 2012
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  1. hi chaps , it's the silly old duffer back again in need of your kind help.

    this is the problem:
    being an egoistical git I often like to waffle on about this that and the other on particular websites, frequently newspapers.
    now this is the exact problem, I can spend ages writing a long bit of self-opinionated waffle about something and because of either carelessness, post stroke brain damage or just bad luck, hit a wrong key and go off the page and all my effort and everything I have typed is lost.

    now this is the question, is there anything, preferably a freebie that I can add to my computer that will record,legibly and simply every damn word that I have typed, exactly as I typed it, so I can go back to the page and copy and paste into it everything that I wrote so that anyone can read it?
    does such a thing exist?
    5 gives me 5 trillion it must because were I a terrorist, some spy or other must have something of the sort so that he can record all my criminal words, plots and instructions etc.

    fear not, I'm not, I'm just a harmless, if opinionated and prolix cripple and old duffer, not to say coward who would not recognise a bomb if he were shown one and can barely change a light bulb and only has one working hand and is confined to a wheelchair, so broadly speaking, totally as harmless as goldfish, and considerably less clever.
    I did once download a thing called a key logger, but what it logged might as well have been hieroglyphics to a goldfish, to me; it was gibberish full cryptic characters using which you could not convict anyone of anything save before a jury of computer experts to whom such cryptic signs have some significance.
    right then, to sum up, suppose my computer crashed just this moment, what I need is something that will record all of this exactly as it stands right now.

    I have a growing suspicion that no such thing exists an that my faith in the wonders of computers is naively misplaced.
    sorry that was so prolix, just thank god you were not a juror in one of my trials; I used to be, until my stroke a criminal barrister in England, now I'm just a silly old cripple who would make garden furniture look like Einstein, but I'm good for the odd joke and can offer free legal analysis of any legal problem in any common law jurisdiction, so perhaps not entirely useless.

    am I right?no such wonder exists? I wish the FBI or MI5 were spying on my internet activity so they could send me what I wrote to the daily telegraph before I lost he page and something went wrong. I pay for the buggers so they might as well be of some damn use to me. I guess, since they are so clever that they could break into my flat and put some such clever thing on my computer. I jolly wish that they would, they'd learn a lot about gardening and Gurdjieff.

    the end.

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