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Recovery error, NTLDR is missing

By shermlit ยท 8 replies
Aug 20, 2010
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  1. I got the standard: "Sorry for the inconvenience..." using MS XP Professional as my OS. Then loaded the recovery disk made when I got the computer (ACER 6460 Travelmate laptop) --I do not have the XP disks-they did not come with the laptop. Then-at 75% recovery I got a failure message--and shut down the computer as asked by the recovery software. NTLDR missing message then came up. Question: to get the BIOS to read the DVD, I changed the Boot order---do I need to change this order back to have recovery see the hardrive first for boot---What does the NTLDR missing mean???

    Thanks for any help!
  2. shermlit

    shermlit TS Rookie Topic Starter

    more info-0xf0000005 reason?

    Can someone tell me what this error 0xf0000005 actually means...
  3. endlessdamage

    endlessdamage TS Rookie

    NTLDR is NTLoader. the first thing i would try again is to start the installation all over again, wipe it clean and start over. as for changing the boot order back, that isnt necessary, after it runs through the setup process on the cd the computer will reboot, then dont do anything, and when it says "Press any button to boot from CD/DVD......" do not press anything, and it will move onto the next device to boot from, which will be your hdd. from the the setup will continue, almost without your input in case you havent done this before. Write back if you run into any more problems or if this did not solve anything?
  4. shermlit

    shermlit TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Still not working

    Thanks for your reply. I tried it again with the recovery disk but it gets to 76% then comes up with "restore failed: reason 0xf0000005. Then it wants to turn off the computer with an "OK" box. It has done this 2x. I do not have the operating system disks (XP prof-since they were not supplied by Acer.) Acer is not selling them now either.

    Can you tell me what this reason 0xf....means and if getting the disks will solve the problem? The hard drive was relplaced this year--again the OS was reloaded but no disks...very frustrating. Thanks.
  5. endlessdamage

    endlessdamage TS Rookie

    Well, to my knowledge that error usually comes when the recovery partition was deleted off the hdd. when you did partitions to install windows, did you delete a partition named "PQService" ? Contrary to common sense, even if you have the recovery media, the recovery partition is still needed for the recovery process to be successful..
  6. endlessdamage

    endlessdamage TS Rookie

    Also, there is a reason you wont find that error message when searching on microsoft.com or a similar place, this error message, only pertains to acer systems recovery discs and partitions.
  7. shermlit

    shermlit TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Question from endless: when you did partitions to install windows, did you delete a partition named "PQService" ?

    Reply from Shermlit: I never installed windows--either it was installed by Acer at the time of original purchase or the dudes who installed my new hard drive in March 2010 installed their version of XP OS.

    How can I get the "PQService" partition that seems critical to making this OS work...????
  8. endlessdamage

    endlessdamage TS Rookie

    I could be wrong about this part, as i have only owned one acer and that was a little over a year ago and i gave it to a friend. But as far as far as my knolwedge goes i dont know much about the recovery partition, that may be something you have to call acer about and explain your situation.. if your warranty is still in effect i can almost guarantee they will fix the problem ,or send you a new disc that doesnt require the use of the partition as well. But dont lose hope! even if not, or if you do not want to go this route you have more options. These other options are the way i always go, and if you have a valid xp pro product key, it would probably be the easiest. one option is to see if anybody you know has a windows setup disc, that is not from a manufacturer, it is a microsoft disc, or you can go online, and search for one on your own, and download it and burn it to a disc. for that you will most likely need a torrent application, that being the easiest way to download larger files. and search for " Windows XP Pro bootable ISO" or something of that sort, just make sure that what you come up with is between 500 and 800 MB, and that it is an iso file, and is bootable. then all you need is an iso burner. once the file is downloaded and you have the iso burner app installed, all you do is double click the xp iso file, and click burn. the repeat the normal process of installing windows, make sure if you do it this way, you delete all partitions and go from there.
  9. shermlit

    shermlit TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Endless--Thanks. I found some .iso links but don't know if they are safe. Are you familiar with these and have you used them or can advise on safety? thecomputerparamedic.com/files/rc.iso ; Download Windows Recovery Console:Download, and install free Iimgburn.c..

    I also found something on the microsoft site at: /support.microsoft.com/--not able to post complete link.

    But am not sure it applies.

    I have sent emails to ACER explaining my problem and, since I am out of warranty and they do not sell the XP OS disks any longer, asking for help.

    This really gets complicated.

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