Red Dead Redemption 2's PC port will demand 150GB of storage space


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Indeed and this issue is far more of a concern than available storage space - 1 TiB HDD/SSDs are pretty cheap these days, but 150 GiB of downloading for those people with data caps are going to be stung rather badly by this.
They are cheap until you figure that you can only install like 6 games on a 1TB SSD that costs $100+.


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I'll buy if it comes on its own drive. be worth the extra cost,with a slow connection and data cap.many will be screwed.Ghost recon wildlands was about 4 days downloading.on my DSL now xplorenet gets up to 16/17 mb/sec. I still won't be downloading games this huge,

sell the game on a drive, they are getting cheap enough,
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No, but when you can find the answer to your own question in less than a second, it doesn't add to the conversation. I am encouraging you to think. Productive personal communication would be you sharing your findings and enlightening us. :)
Ok. Sometimes people like to ask questions and then look forward to an interactive back and forth. I am thinking of it this way, I would bet that as far as questions go a huge majority of them could be answered with a search. It can be a bit unfair to single out some posts to tell them that they could just google it.

Plus you have to admit. It is kinda counter-intuitive to the reason forums like this exist.

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