Reddit bans r/The_Donald as Twitch suspends Trump's account


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(y) (Y) Thanks for the level-headed post.

What I have quoted I bet is the fundamental reasoning behind SCOTUS decisions on first amendment rights, specifically, their ruling that first amendment rights do not include inciting violence.

Agreed. That was well worded. It's each person's responsibility to call both fringes on their BS when it comes to this.

Far right cries of illegal aliens being rapists, thugs and murderers *are* hate speech. The great majority are not these things.

Far left cries that all cops are bastards is *also* hate speech. Again, the great majority actually are trying to do their best in what is almost definitely the worst environment anyone would willingly walk into.

Whichever camp you generally lean towards, it's partially on you to make sure you aren't providing cover to the *******s in your neighborhood while realizing that the folks who generally disagree with you have their own *******s to deal with.


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Trump is hard to like as a person, I get that, but I still defend his right to have his voice heard.
He has no such right. The first amendment grants freedom of expression, but says nothing about being heard.

De-platforming does not violate an individual's right to freedom of expression. If you are banned from a platform, you are still free to speak your mind elsewhere, to whomever will listen.