"Refurbishing" process for these crypto miners is to blast GPUs with a pressure washer


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I would happily buy a used card. If I have to spend an hour or so cleaning it to save a few hundred bucks, it's worth it. There is so much money to be saved on the used market that I'd happily take the chance

actually, now that I think about it, why would someone trying to sell these cards videotape something like this and post it publicly?

Can't tell if trolling...


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I use an air compressor first then remove shroud and clean heatsink fins with an old paint brush. New paste and shes blingin


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Everyone assumes it is water. We all know what the acronym 'assume' means, yes? Could be a flurocarbon. or any of a number of solvents that should not be used by the electronics industry due to ozone... Don't think Vietnam ever signed that treaty. Or China, for that matter.


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These videos bought to you coutesy of NVidea, Zotac, AMD, Asus ...

Remember kids, don't buy second hand. Go to the store and buy NEW CARDS!
With current prices? I would rather play this lottery.
I still use a second hand 1080ti although I doubt it was used for mining since it sold with preinstalled waterblock.


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Just throw it into the sea and leave it for a week. Sea currents will clean it from the dust. Then pull it out, scrap the algae and you're good to go.
Dont clean algae, it lowers temperature significantly, just keep the card wet so that algae does not die.


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These videos are a good way to prevent people from buying second hand. If I were a card manufacturer I would definitely publish that kind of content. I also would pay reviewers for displaying RTX boxes on their shelves in their reviews.


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And all of this is on top of the fact that these cards have been run practically to death.
Aw c'mon man, we've been over this. Miners don't run their cards "to death," they run them 24/7 to minimize thermal cycling and run them under spec. Miners buy GPUs precisely because they have an eye on reselling them when they are done using them. And while a pressure washer might not be my first choice when it comes to cleaning a GPU, it probably beats a second-hand gamer card that's still crusted over with Cheeto dust and cat hair.