Regarding my asus q301la laptop

By jc2761995
Dec 20, 2014
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  1. I currently just got an asus a301la laptop in the mail yesterday. When I first used it on Thursday night, after

    charging it the laptop worked fine. Come Friday morning I see that I by accident left it on sleep mode

    instead of shutting it off. Well when I go turn it on and sign in it froze on me with a black screen and started

    flickering. It happened twice back to back and on the third restart it stopped. The charger was not

    connected and the laptop was at about 90% battery left. The first reviews I read about this laptop were

    really good until I started to look into more and found out numerous customers were having the same

    problem that the screen would flicker when charging or randomly. BestBuy says I have 2 weeks to return it

    with a full refund. I have a choice of getting another laptop or returning this one and getting the same type

    of laptop sent back to me but a new one. My budget was $600 but I might be able to push it to $700 flat no

    more. Please give me some guidance on what I should do and what other laptops I should consider.

    Preferably looking for something with an i5 because I heard the i3 processor is slow, at least 500gb hard drive or a ssd drive. I wouldn't mind another touchscreen laptop, I actually quite enjoy it and at least 4 gb of ram.

    Also, I'm new to this forum so sorry if this post is a bit messy and stuff. This was my first timer with asus and many people recommended me to this company. I have a feeling maybe just the q301la in particular did not come out good.

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