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Dec 10, 2005
  1. Hi... my internet and system has started running slow, locking up and for some reason when u open more then one window on my interenet, after a little while theyll freeze then pages will disappear and reappear when u minimize the others... well I had Winik.sys and cnml on my system but got rid of them... everytime I run Spybot a list of 76 spyware on my system comes up and I click to remove and it says it does then u run it again and they pop back up... heres a list of the spyware 12 entries
    Avenue A, Inc. 2 entries
    BFast 1 entry
    CoreMetrics 1 entry
    DoubleClick 2 entries
    FastClick 5 entries
    HitBox 10 entries
    MediaPlex 2 entries
    SexList 36 entries
    TargetNet 2 entries
    ValueClick 2 entries
    WebTrends live 1 entry

    any help would be greatly appreciated...
  2. howard_hopkinso

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  3. Ghaleon

    Ghaleon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the info Howard... I tried using House Call but it says it cant send the required internet files... I did Spyaudit and it found 2 serious maleware that causes the system to be slugish... ill finish the rest tonight...
  4. osram

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    i can only recommend spysweeper. i think its number 1 or 2 spyware detection/removal tool. look for the best spyware programs top 10 list somewhere in google and id recommend using the 2 best ones combined.. then you should run all your scans in safemode and then removal should be successful.
  5. Ghaleon

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    Thanks for that osram, ill definitly do that... ive been working with computers for years and taking care of viruses, maleware, etc. but this is the first time ive ran into one that just keeps regenerating like a rootkit... I used Ewido today and ended up removing 820 malewares and had to remove an archive to delete Wild Tangent... I thought that would do it but there back...
  6. patio

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    If you have System Restore still turned on they could be lurking there.
    Turn it off boot to safe mode and re-run every protection app you have with the machine dis-connected from the web...

    patio. :cool:
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