Reinstalling windows xp pro - partition will not delete

By lacbrown85
Oct 31, 2008
  1. i got a virus on my computer and couldnt find my original windows disk so i loaded windows xp home edition which is not what i had previously (had windows xp professional) none of my drivers were not working and was impossible to set up an internet connection so i found the original windows disk. i try reinstalling windows xp prof and get as far as to the screen where it asks if i want to delete on a partition and so i hit d and it says it is unable to delete due to temporary setup files which need to be installed before it can delete. what does this mean and how do i get pass this? I am hoping an IT guru out there can help me with this?? thanks!
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    If you have a windows 98 boot disk you can easily partition your hard drive. That disk will indicate there is no file system on your drive because it's not compatible with NTFS and will ask you if you want to partition the drive if you type in fdisk at the dos prompt. I'd simply repartition the drive with the Windows 98 boot disk and then again repartition and format the drive with your Windows XP install disk.
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