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By Roderick
Sep 8, 2003
  1. Has anyone much experience with Remote Desktop, either XP or w2k ? Our workplace has just converted to XP (from nt)and we're not allowed Internet access. But I observed a colleague used messenger to remote controlled a friend's home pc. He was able to surf as if he was home. My questions are:

    -Does the remote desktop client/net meeting in w2k works with messenger ?

    -How is the process initiated ? Meaning does someone has to be at the target (home) pc and give permission to the requester for control ?

    -Can this permission process be automated ? Meaning can I turn on my w2k machine and enabled remote desktop, then use the XP machine at work to control my machine ?

    As far as I know, neither one of them used any 3rd party softwares such as gotomypc, vnc, or the likes. Both were running XP and using messenger.
  2. LNCPapa

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    XP has the terminal services service running by default (I believe) but you can enable the terninal services service in Win2K - as long as you have an account on the machine you can log in via Remote Desktop. If connecting to an XP machine make sure your account has permission to do so. Be default the administrator account has permission. You can give yourself permission with another account by going to the system properties and accessing the remote tab. If you have a firewall or NAT in place make sure you forward port 3389 to the machine you want to connect to.
  3. Tribal-Phoenix

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    what do u mean by we are not allowed internet access, does that mean u cant browse websites or there is no internet connecton at all, also if the guy used msn messenger yes that is possible win xp has a remote control function build it but since he accesed his home pc that mean he is not on a network therefore there is an internet connectiong since he is being able to use msn messenger and connect remotely over the internet. the remote control function is available in start menu and i believe also throurh the meesenger , u can run old version of messenger in c:program files/messenger/ but it will probably ask u to upgrade it, as far as i know u have to set up or allow the remote connection on your home pc, so it would be easierto download eaither a free vnc or buy one or get it from legimate sources, and writte a client on usb or a foppy or a cd so u could remotely connec to your home pc. i believe that is way easier then messing with windows remote thing.
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