Removing Vista partitions

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Jun 27, 2010
  1. Hello techspot,

    I recently installed windows 7, but im definitely sure the old windows vista partition remains. I have deleted all the old folders/files, but do not know how to remove the actual partition.

    Could anyone tell me how to do this, or know of a good step by step guide?

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    Suggest you first view the partitions on the hard drive. Rt click Computer->Manage->Disk Management. Do you see multiple partitions listed? What sizes are they? What type of filesystem formats are they?
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    Hi there,

    The two things i see are the volume c and d, both are listed as basic.

    In the status however, D is listed as the "system/primary partition," and in my computer, that is the hard drive part that had vista on it (had the windows logo), however now, the C drive has the windows logo with all the system folders, but does not have the partition status in the computer management.
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    Well, in any case, when you boot into Windows 7, Windows and your program files and all your personal files and folders are on the C: drive, yes?

    As to deleting and managing partitions i like to use EASUS Partition Manager. Then you can delete the partition and then grow the size of the C partition if you want.

    Note when use EASUS to select your partition operations, you have to click Apply before the operations are commited.

    Also, while i never had a problem with EASUS, it can be a good idea to create a disk image backup before you delete or resize partitions (just in case). EASUS also has some good freeware tools for that: EASUS Todo backup
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