repeated BSODs at the same address

By gospelmidi
Jan 27, 2006
  1. STOP 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x8058ADE2, 0xB8C8396C, 0x00000000)

    Actions taken thus far:

    1) reinstalled Windows XP SP2

    2) replaced HDD and reinstalled Windows XP SP2

    3) new Kingston 256MB - Memtest86 still gave the same errors

    4) replaced video card and used different monitor

    5) new CDRW and new data cables

    6) new 400 w P/S

    7) brand new P3 866 CPU with different fsb and multiplier from Celeron 900

    8) replaced motherboard with another ASUS P3V133 - more errors on Memtest86.
    Now Windows XP will not complete pre-installation file loading.

    Inasmuch as there is little else to replace except me, I am considering the possibility that either the slotket has failed, or the original motherboard may have had a faulty voltage regulator that may have damaged the L2 cache for both CPUs.

    I'll buy one more P3 CPU before I let this machine beat me.
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  3. gospelmidi

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    Thank you, vegasgmc. I take it you drive a GMC truck.

    I'll reinstall XP with one memory module at a time.

    I have run memtest86 test #5 on each of the three modules in each of the three DIMM slots. Each test gives about 300 errors, beginning at the same address each time. That tells me that the errors are neither in the memory modules nor in the slots, but somewhere on the motherboard or the CPU.

    After replacing both the CPU and the motherboard, I think that both CPU's have been fried by a faulty voltage regulator on the original motherboard. However, my high-dollar Abit slotket has its own voltage restrictors, and the system setup shows a valid voltage for the CPU, so I don't know how that could have happened.
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