replaced motherboard, no internet connection

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May 18, 2007
  1. I replaced the motherboard in an emachine T2825. Everything works on the desktop but I can not connect to the internet. I know my internet connection works as I have a laptop I can connect with. Is there something I forgot to setup???

  2. CCT

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  3. garym

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    I thought I did. After I replaced the motherboard I got out the system restore disk and cleaned up the hard drive like it just came form the factory. Shouldn't that disk have those drivers on it?

  4. CCT

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    Um, I dunno. YOU have the disk and manual!

    In any case, chipset and modem and NVidia drivers set are on that site I posted.

  5. tweakboy

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    Your going to need to install the Motherboard drivers for the new motherboard you got. It will also install the network driver too you can get online.

    You must know the model of your mobo, and which chipset it supports soo you can get the proper drivers.

    For example if its Nforce mobo , you need to get nforce drivers from nvidia which will include the network ethernet driver. If its VIA chipset then you get Via 4in1 drivers,, and that will install proper ethernet driver.....

    Hope this helps a bit! ,,

    Your not experiencing a problem, as this is normal after a OS install, Just need the mobo drivers chief!,, gl,
  6. garym

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    Thanks for the replies. I downloaded the drivers that CCT pointed me to and unzip them. I rebooted but still cannot connect to the internet. Is there something else I need to do?

  7. zipperman

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    Call your ISP,they will tell you how to set it up.
    I new OS install sometimes needs LAN configureing.
  8. notok

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    I have two laptops and a desktop. I just lost internet connection with my desktop. I have checked and the cables are securely connected. I have deleted all temp files, cookies and history. Still it does not work. The other laptops work fine with wireless connection... anybody can help.
  9. CCT

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    You have to unzip them to a folder that you can find then click on the adapter and 'update driver' and then send it to that folder.
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