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Nov 6, 2002
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    I extensively edited and deleted posts in this thread that were detracting from the topic and causing tension between otherwise perfectly good people on this board.
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    The reason that we kiss Saudi Arabia's butt is simply that we can't afford not to. We Americans love to buy our big, gas guzzling SUVs and cars. Only something like 25% of vehicles sold in the US in 2002 get more than 20 mpg; this is down from near 50% in the mid-80's. The government has chosen to let fuel economy fall to the wayside while the open market provides what Americans want: bigger and faster. We are still going by 1975 fuel economy standards with the exception of California! Without the Saudi's influence on fuel prices we couldn't afford to live the way we do. Europe's choice seems to be diesel vehicles and better fuel economy caused by high prices on fuel. Unfortunately, modern diesels are shunned in the US by consumers and legislators who think they still blow huge piles of black smoke and stink, ignoring that they are around 33% more effiecient. Europe is also big on alternative diesel and low-sulfur diesel. Biodiesel has very limited availability here in the US; it's made from corn oil, something the US has a lot of. FYI: The most fuel efficient production vehicle in the world is made by Audi in Europe. It's a diesel/hybrid that gets 72 mpg.
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    The cars we buy are pretty ridiculous.

    In response to Elcarion:

    I think you made some excellent points, and I agree with your post. Although, I think some very important things are missing.
    Republicans: Oppose union control and believe in smaller gov/less taxs
    Dems: Believe in opening the floodgates to let anyone into this country even if they are not going to make a positive impact. We need to only allow people in this country to make a home if they have an agenda, not a way to rid of their countries and collect welfare here. I understand that some countries have major problems and some people are looking for a better life, but our country is going to become one of those if we keep letting anyone here.
    Also, these illegal aliens get hand outs, and generally have more rights then the americans! These people get to goto school for free, get free housing, etc... This is ridiculous, but the democrats support this type of thing.
  4. Elcarion

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    On the other hand it was the Republicans who lobbied powerfully, in the name of big business, to open the borders for H1 Visas due to the so-called "IT Shortage". Now I know at least half a dozen American citizens who are looking for IT jobs while of the 5 people in my group, I'm the only US citizen. My company, one of the largest in the world, has plans to relocate 10% of all IT positions to India next year. I expect the Bush Administration to kindly turn a blind eye.
    I would rather see a balanced budget than a tax break for the rich. The majority of the Bush tax break went to corporations and the top 1% income bracket. Only one administration has tightened the belt and balanced the budget out of the past four administrations and it wasn't Reagan, Bush, or Bush.
    Unions, taxes, and govt. all have their good and bad points. I've yet to see less taxes or smaller government under the Republicans except for George W's tax cut. The typical method of reducing govt size is to increase the contractor to employee ratio; I don't really consider this smaller govt.
    I don't think either party represents the middle class nor is either party more ethical than the other as you've stated previously. I've previously stated: "The core of either party's ideals does not revolve around taxes or government size. " In my opinion, this is a merely a facade.
  5. TS | Crazyace

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    Bush won't do a damn thing about it.

    He does not support the workers. Every republican is not Bush.

    Take for example my industry (airlines). We lost over 100,000 jobs because he will not pick up the bill for security cost. Every country in the world has security cost handled and payed for by the government.

    The airlines are going under, and the war on the horizon makes things look worse. I for one am probobly going to loose my job in the next few months, and Bush doesn't give a damn.

    I am a supporter of republican ways, but I am not a total supporter of Bush.
  6. conradguerrero

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    I am also a supporter of Republican ideas, but I am not a Republican. As long as I live, I will support Democrats who support me. Of course not all politicians are black and white.

    On the Island of Maui, our former Democrat mayor was voted out mainly because of questionable campaign contributions and the endosement for the Republican opposition by a pro-environment independant. Still, it was a slim victory.

    Check it out on the news:

    Google News


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