Drivers [Request] USB webcam driver


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So I followed the webcam driver thread's instructions but couldn't find the driver for my webcam. Could someone help me find it?


Is the ID.


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I'm running Windows XP Pro SP2 32 bit.

SP3 destroyed my computer haha. If you're having too much trouble finding it, I might just go out and get a new cam, this one is pretty old.


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Deja vu all over again :D

On the one hand...
i couldn't find any drivers for your ID. But from what i saw, was thinking i might have you try hacking a driver for a different, but similar, device.

When i vaguely recalled having someone also running XP with that same ID do exactly that! And it worked (at least for them)!

Look through my posts [post=881644]with member litonnandy here[/post]. Note there are 3 lines in each of two files that should be modified from PID_2460 to PID_2461
==> You'll find the example of what the lines in each INF file should read in this post

I'd also advise creating a System Restore point before attempting the driver install.

Let me know if any questions (and hopefully it will work for you too) :)

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If easier, i could also clean up all those different instructions spread across all those multiple posts about hacking that driver.... But probably not till sometime late tomorrow. just let me know


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It's really ok, I think I'm just going to get a new one. This one is a piece of crap, and I got it for free anyway.

Thanks for your help though.