Resident Evil Village stuttering on PC appears to be caused by Capcom's DRM

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A hot potato: Capcom said in late May that it had managed to ship over four million copies of the game (including digital sales) since launch earlier in the month, but the company has been mum on the performance issue impacting gamers. The general consensus has been to simply wait for Capcom to release a patch and unfortunately, that’s still the best advice to adhere to at this time. If Capcom didn’t know the source of the stuttering issue, it surely does now, and will hopefully address it in the near future.

Resident Evil Village was among the most highly anticipated releases of 2021, but as is often the case, some early adopters aren’t exactly getting what they bargained for.

On the PC version of the game, there seems to be a persistent stuttering issue that crops up when killing an enemy. It’s been well-documented by both ordinary gamers and reviewers alike. As it turns out, Capcom’s use of DRM looks to be the root cause of the issue.

As DSOGaming highlights, game cracking team EMPRESS recently managed to crack the game and remove the DRM. The publication tested the pirated version for over two hours and killed multiple enemies, and not once did they run into a stuttering issue. Even some of the most demanding areas of the game were buttery smooth.

Again, patience is key. While it can be tempting to grab a pirated game online, doing so can potentially expose you to all sorts of nasty malware and in extreme instances, could land you in legal trouble. Capcom has removed DRM from games before, and it could very well do so again.

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Duh? lol

Capcom isn't aware of the issue, that's the problem. A lot will claim they know and have been working on a fix, but I've seen zero evidence of that.


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Duh? lol

Capcom isn't aware of the issue, that's the problem. A lot will claim they know and have been working on a fix, but I've seen zero evidence of that.

No, it's much more likely they've always been aware of the issue and simply didn't care. The fix is to remove DRM. As someone who purchased the game first month of release, I hope they decide to care now that everyone *else* knows what the issue always was.


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It's almost as if the devs think it's about stopping each and every individual from breaking through the drm, literally not understanding that it just has to be once and then distributed all over the internet. Pirates always beat drm. Always. So putting it does what exactly? Mostly have huge potential for operational characteristics which by their nature can interfere with and even impede various and sundry processes the game's code is running.


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Rather than copy paste the same story over and over, would you kindly verify these claims? For the past week I've seen this story posted on every website yet no one bothers to do an independent controlled test to prove it. Right now we are taking the word of a hacker and unknown commenters.


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This is why I always wait for games to get a few patches in. By the time the game is "fixed" it will also be on sale for a good price.


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Unfortunately, cracked version has missing animations and parrying removed

It is not really a good crack



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Appearances can be deceiving who's to say it isn't just the fact they used two different Nvidia Drivers for the tests

Denuvo on = 466.63 vs Cracked = 471.11