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Apr 5, 2008
  1. i have a nikon d80 and i have done some editing around in paint shop pro x2 and then i have been sending my prints to a printer to get 4x6 prints and some have been coming back with like my daughters head half chopped off??.. so i was told to resize my picture except when i go to resize in pspx2 and resize it say for a 4x6... its like stretching out her hole head and it defintely doesnt look right!.. am i doing something wrong? can someone tell me how to do all this resizing buisness the right way? or is there possibly a book out there that could explain all the pixel and dpi and resizing to me? i just dont know if i am gettin this!
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    Resizing of the images themselves has got nothing to do with it.
    How are you "sending your prints to a printer"? You have to look over the settings you are printing with.

    Instead of pressing the "print" button, use the File->Print command and look over the settings there. You should have a small preview image or a print preview feature that will show you what the result will look like.

    And of course, it's a good idea to configure the printer itself. (The Properties button next to the printer selection in the printing dialog). You probably want to specify the highest print quality, the size of paper you are using and whether the paper is glossy or matte or whatever.
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    i am using a Roes FTP right now.. as of yesterday...but i had just had submitted the last pics i took online to sams club for my mother.. so that she could pick them up and when she did.. half my daughters face in 2- 4x6 's was chopped up to her nose.. but perhaps i worded my last one wrong i am not printing them myself i am sending them online to a lab for printing. and also when i did the sams club prints for my mom online... it had an option to preview to see what the image would look like when printed expcept it was not what i got back!... i guess it could just be you get what you pay for too?.. im just not sure!
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    Oh, sorry, I misunderstood :)

    The lab should be able to print those images correctly no matter what. Maybe they have a size limit when sending files over FTP and the lower part of the image is just dropped when uploading? In that case, you should consider some other company who can afford bigger servers. Or, walk to the shop and let them copy the images off your camera or USB stick or DVD or whatever themselves.

    You should ask the printer (or see their website) what the image size cap is, so you know your limits and resize the pictures accordingly.

    What format are your pictures in? JPEG will give you the smallest file size and when using high quality compression, the detail loss is not visible in sane print sizes.

    When you actually resize the images, you should be able to tell the program to retain the aspect ratio so that the image is not stretched in any way.
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    thank you for the quick replys!.. :) ... well that all seems to make me feel a bit better about all this!.. now i dont feel like a total dummy!... well hopefully this new lab i found will do the job nicely!and my pics were shot in jpeg fine - large! i realy thankyou for your help!
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