Restart after viewing Event Viewer(application)

By ComputerGuy55
May 5, 2010
  1. <ignore> Restart after viewing Event Viewer(application)

    Hey, so I have a weird problem with a computer here.. It restarts when I go to view the Application event log, I'm thinking it is just correct and I could just erase it and start a new one and things should be fine but I wanted to look at it. And to verify it is ONLY the Application event log, the other logs open fine and I can view them.

    Anyways if anyone has encountered this problem and knows a way around it or any information about it, it's greatly appreciated.

    Windows XP SP2 (Tried to go to SP3 and noticed it restarted during this, thats when I went to check the event log..)
    AMD Athlon 2400+ 2.00GHz
    768MB RAM

    I just did a "Save as" on the application log and cleared it..
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