Retailer lists Intel Core i9-14900KS with 6.2GHz stock speed, a consumer CPU record

It doesn't matter what most people do. I fully acknowledge that out of the box the 14900 is stupidly setup, to the point of it being almost unusable. But that doesn't say much about the cpu in technology terms. Even if for the sake of argument I grant that the 7950x / 7950x 3d is more efficient in mt workloads, the 14900k takes 2nd place. So the 2nd most efficient cpu, how can you call that not efficient. It blows my mind.

Also you don't need to fiddle with the bios. The first you try to get into the bios (to set your xmp for example) it will ask you, what cooler you have and will set the limits accordingly. We'll if you put that to "unlimited wattage" you can't then complain that the cpu isn't efficient. I mean, duh.

Bro, nobody cares about cinebench and efficiency. That was just a metric you were stuck on bcz iNTEL tells you that it's important for arguments on forums.

Again, if efficiency and multi-tasking is what you are hard for, then get ThreadRipper.

But as it stand now, Gamers know X3D chips are the go to gaming platform for 99% of the people out there... the rest aren't allowed to buy competitors products, so they stuck on iNTEL tweaking bios so they get AMD speeds.