Productivity Retrieving Old Emails on Microsoft Outlook 2010

Hello all,

I hope this is the right place to post my current issue.

Last Friday (6-21-13), our email servers on outlook as well as website were transferred over to a go-daddy server. All seemed to go well when I came in on Monday. I had all my old emails still there but then the tech walked me through the process of getting new emails. I was able to receive new emails but in the process it seems she had me overwrite my old email file. So now I can't seem to recover any of the old emails. My pst. file still seems to be enormous so I would think the info is somehow there. We had our IT guys work on this for over 12 hours and they were unable to help.

Has anyone ever been able to recover outlook emails?

Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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Your email server should have a copy. Or, the copy is somewhere on your PC, in the form of PST. Perhaps it's in the archived area?
I believe they checked there as well but nothing was working. I will ask them again tomorrow.

Thank you for the reply.


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Then they are incompetent. They somehow transferred your exchange server to the cloud, yet didn't transfer across any previous emails? If yes, they completely screwed it. If no, then they just aren't looking hard enough.
It seems everything was transferred correctly but then when they had me type in new settings to receive new emails, everything vanished. I'm told the person who had the previous server did not save anything for us. :( so frustrating.


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Escalate this within your company. At best, the pressure of an angry customer may be enough to get something going,


Outlook is frequently configured to use the IMAP service instead of the more prevalent POP service. A fundamental difference is POP always downloads to the pc while IMAP almost always leaves the mail on the email server. Clearly if you change email providers you will loose any email not saved to the PC.

Google "Enstella Exchange Recovery Software"

These folks recovered my Contacts well enough and it looks like they might be able to recover remnants of old email from the existing PST.