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Return of the random restarts.

By Mabans
Feb 2, 2007
  1. I initially thought it was the Raid so I took everything (The components) out of the case and reseated them. I reset the mobo fail safe setting and that fixed the Long short beep issue I was having which according to the manual was indicative of a MOBO error but nothing more specific.

    I deleted the raid 0 and had issues with Windows not seeing my full harddrive size but was an issue of windows XP not having SP1 from the initial install. I got a SP2 disc and installed it and no problems. So I started watching a new episode of Bleach on my computer and in the middle of it the sounds just hung again and retarted. This time it didn't see the harddrive and took me cutting the power completely for it to start again.

    So I got it running, checked temps and everything ran fine for hours. No hicups so I decided to stress it so I loaded up Prime95 and ran stress test and went off to bed. Ran for about 6 hours and when I came back it was still running fine. I reboot it and loaded up memtest and last I know it was running fine which I expect for it to continue to run fine when i get home from work.

    Any thoughts oh what else I could look for?
  2. Mabans

    Mabans TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I am on the machine now and I noticed that the a drive randomly tries to look for a disk but of course gets nothing.
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