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Rhapsody for Mac does not work for me?

By derm318
Dec 12, 2005
  1. I have tried to run Rhapsody for Mac on 2 different computers on different networks after installing the plug-in, without success. I pick a song and see that it is streaming, because the timer is running, but there is no sound. Any suggestins would be appreciated.

  2. electrojham

    electrojham TS Rookie

    Hi Norm,

    You could try installing the new updates, they've made some changes since '05 to their Web Based player. Also you could install Parallels Desktop and run the Rhapsody Music Software right on your Mac OS.

    You can get more information from

  3. Photog78

    Photog78 TS Rookie

    A cheaper alternative to Parallels is Crossover for Mac (because you don't need the Windows OS). Currently Rhapsody is not working with Crossover, but it's quite high on their priority list, so my speculation is that it won't be long until they get it working.
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