Ridley Scott says The Last Duel flopped because of millennials and their 'f**king cellphones'


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Oh, he is mad because noone cares. Make a movie people want to watch. I can educate myself on my own, but thanks for your concern.


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Yeah, seriously... Ridley might want to blame the distributor 20th Century Studios for poor marketing. This is literally the first time I've even heard of this movie and I'm on YouTube all day and exposed to countless ads. lol
Same! I've worked from home alot this year and I constantly have YouTube or the radio or something playing in the background. This hasn't come up once.


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„ that deals with social issues relevant today.“

When I read this I immediately think of ‚great, another woke movie‘ and it‘s an automatic no go for me. Checking the web, it really does appear to be the case.
"is an epic historical drama set in 14th-century France that deals with social issues relevant today."

In other words... another WOKE pile of smoldering DUNG! I'll pass.

OMG! Another "Woke" movie. Must be crap! :rolleyes:


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It's not me. It's the world who is wrong.
Have to agree. He's PO'd because the movie did not bring in more megabucks he does not need. So, he's striking out at what he thinks is the problem when the fact that the movie did not bring in the "desperately needed megabucks" is probably more due to COVID than anything else.
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I haven't enjoyed a theater experience since probably the release of the Lord of the Ring movies. I've seen some movies in the theater since the LotR trilogy, but my experiences kept going downhill - and this is from visiting multiple different movie theaters over the past 10 years.

LotR trilogy came out in the early 2000s. Having a phone with immediate internet connection was a common thing for most people. The iPhone didn't even release until sometime around 2007 - 4 years after LotR trilogy came out. People didn't have easy access to stupid youtube and there wasn't snatchchat (I mean, snapchat) and you didn't have $hitty social media polluting people's attention span and feeding off their ignorance faster than the normal news media outlets.

Seeing movies years ago was a decent, enjoyable experience.

These days everyone has a cell phone so you always have some issue with phones going off or people talking on them. Or you have entitled pricks that are bored because their cell phone isn't keeping them occupied during the movie so they start throwing things. Now you get to wear your mask for 90-120 minutes straight while you sit and watch a movie....

No thanks. I'm not spending, on average, $20 a person to see a movie in the theater to be annoyed by morons. I'll buy the movie when it releases and then add it to my Plex server so I can watch it whenever I want.
(y) (Y)Absolutely. The theater experience is total crap these days no matter the generation of the viewer sitting next to you. It is not worth it. If I decide to see this, I will wait until my local library gets it and then borrow it and watch it in my own home - free of screaming little kids, and everyone, no matter the generation, on their cell phones, not to mention crap theaters where you can hear all the booms and bangs from the next theater, too.
Ridley is absolutely correct. Most millennials I know are boring dimwitted twits who spend their lives tethered to their phones, absorbing as much bullshit as they can through all of their external orifices. Companies like Netflix are guilty of pandering to their *****ic tastes. But it's OK, what goes around, comes around.


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"Millennials" like me are nearly 40. Ridley Scott could get with the times and release to a streaming service as well as the theater.
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I'm about 45 years past being a millennial, but always found medieval movies boring.. ever since "Spartacus" was on long ago. It was simply a bad choice for a movie these days.. recently read of Disney abandoning some other film that they knew wouldn't pay off. Sorry he thinks Marvel and DC superhero films are junk, but they pay... just like when Stevie Nicks and Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac - pay off is not necessarily related to quality.. it's what people buy. Kudos to him for trying to do something worthwhile.
Huh.. I thought "millennials" were 20 to 25 years old. I learn something new every day.. fm inet...
"Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 23 to 38 in 2019) is considered a Millennial, and anyone born from 1997 onward is part of a new generation."


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My take? Covid-19 and cell phones are quite likely part of the problem. But to me the real "problem" is we're being bombarded with so much content from various sources that consumers have become more picky about what and how they consume media. This means that many if not most theaters have fallen into disrepair due to low box office which only makes them a less attractive option. Get with the times Ridley, STFU, and release on a streaming platform...


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Because lazy millennials need to be spoon fed that tired Marvel junk at each meal.

Anything that requires even the minimal amount of brain power will distract them and ruin their pathetic day..


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It's kind of funny to be reading complaints about superheroes in costumes while starting at a screenshot of costumed medieval knights.


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"Youth" is a bit of a stretch as @Enaks said: some of us are categorized as millennials and already 40 or 41 with most millennials being at least on their mid to late 30s. Sorry but we haven't been the "youth" of the world since the time Britney Spears was a rising star in the late 90s early 2000s.

Ridley Scott is in his 80s. I'd imagine it's all the same to him :D

In any case, the point is still valid regardless of the demographic.


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Millenials LOVED squid game, because it was different.

Ridley scott, after those two disasterous alien prequels, has shat HARD on his reputation. Nobody cares about his films, as its been made very clear he thinks way too highly of himself and has no idea how to write a smart story. his work before the alien prequels was already showing his best days were behind him.

If you write a dumb script, the internet is going to rip it apart, and thats where most young people hear about movies, not "critics" (read: shills) from movie sites that will praise anything that injects "woke" into a film and sing praises about the most cliched BS.

Also, advertising you old decrepid sock. Even on TV I'd never seen an ad for this film, and on the internet most young people run ad blockers, because internet ads are like syphilisAIDSclamydia. You have to have some actual interaction with people to spread awareness of your film nowadays. Although I'm guessing that if he did try that, he'd only dare go to the depths of reddit where SJW ideology is worshipped, and still wouldnt have gotten an audience, because the woke internet is a tiny place, and the wider audience would pan his movie for being garbage.
Me too. This is the first time hearing about this movie.
Maybe their adds just ran on TV, radio and printed press, where only older gens linger.

Just saw the trailer and found it boring and cliché. It smells like sjw propaganda in medieval Europe.
So once again pandering to the critics, which the audiences hate, and they wonder why audiences dont like it.

You'd think after the last jedi, star trek discovery, and ghostbusters, filmmakers would start to catch onto how out of touch critics are about films. But I guess their own cinnamon farts are still too strong to realize the woke twitter mob has 0 money, thats why they're on twitter all day.
OMG! Another "Woke" movie. Must be crap! :rolleyes:
Yeah, movies that try to push "modern social issues" are crap. They have always been crap, and they will always be crap, because the only type of person who wants to listen to out of touch hollywood elites whinge on about propagandized issues are out of touch shut ins that live in insufferable echo chambers (see: twitter and tumblr).

The non "woke" have lives, we're not going to waste our time on garbage. No media that prioritized virtue signaling is going to have good writing, because those with talent are not going to pour effort into something nobody wants to see, and being offended is not a character that any normal person is going to identify with.
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Where to begin? Since Ridley Scott is 81 he is NOT a boomer. Perhaps you could learn a little bit of arithmetic before using my generation's nick name in the pejorative sense?
You're technically right, (however reluctant I may be to confer that status on anyone other than myself). Mr. Scott was squeezed out at the beginning of WWII, and not in the baby boom immediately thereafter.
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How typical to blame millennials for the failure of anything. The movie was under-advertised and clearly he's out of touch with what people want to watch. How can you sit there and blame a single generation for the failure of a movie when we only consist of a fraction of the viewership population? Makes no sense.