Roku CEO: Apple TV launch helped boost Roku sales

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Dec 21, 2010
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  1. Roku has been selling inexpensive Internet TV set-top boxes since 2008, when it was only streaming on-demand content from Netflix, and has since diversified its offerings in terms of hardware and content. Reviews and customer response has been mostly positive but its devices have yet to reach mainstream status. You’d think that with Apple and Google making big moves into the segment this year Roku would be taking a big hit, but apparently that’s not the case at all.

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  2. wcbert

    wcbert TS Rookie Posts: 74

    I bought the Roku XD|S version three weeks ago. My TV can accept 1080p so many of the programs I like to watch are in HD. My only concern before I bought it was conneting it to the internet. I using WiFi, it was easy and I can stream HD with no problems.

    So next month I pulling the plug on cable TV and save $100 a month. Nextfix, Hulu+ and other programs are a lot less than what the cable charges me and they offer programs I am interest in, watching them when I want to. Next month saving will go for another Roku box to have TV in the bedroom.
  3. Roku box, 1080p on a 63in Samsung..And I am elated with the picture quality..Streaming Netflix; the image quality is excellent. And over a standard WiFi it takes about 30 seconds to download and then watch uninterrupted. I have Hulu, Twit and other content and Roku is great. So easy to set up even Bo Bo the Fool could do it. And the price is cheap. Look to Roku first, other boxes don't offer the content that Roku has.
  4. I checked out Roku and it looks good however it's my understanding that it can only get a selection of channels, many you have to pay for. Boxie makes a device that can do the same thing however any web streaming content can be shown, so it doesn't have to be a partner. The big thing though is Boxie costs twice as much as Roku.
  5. Tedster

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    I bought two Roku XD boxes and I couldn't be happier. Great choice and easy to set up. I use wifi g in my townhome and I get a decent signal throughout the house. My third tv is hooked directly to a computer in my downstairs bedroom so I don't need a 3rd box. Cable is outrageous and I'd like to dump it, but there are a few shows that I would miss.

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