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Feb 14, 2007
  1. I was just searching the web for a "how to" about routers. I just purchased a gateway laptop and would like to make it wireless. I know nothing about adding software to a computer but I'm hoping by joining this site I'll become more informed about what to do and what not to do. I haven't purchased a router yet, don't know which one to buy. I downloaded the components of my laptop and it said it has an integrated Gemtek 802.11b/g wireless networking 4311E (FRU) what ever that is? I have a DSL cable connection which I have connected to the laptop so I can use it but I would like to make the laptop "wireless" so I can move from room to room. What do I do now?
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    Any device that you have access to will suffice.
    see this post for comments.

    Personally, I like the Netgear or Belkin brands while many insist upon Dlink.
    If at all possible, get a G mode router with the MIMO feature
    (many in, many out). It means there's better radio transmission/receiption.

    ok, get the manual and find the SETUP instructions.

    Your first step is to make the router fit between the DSL and your system
    and keep your Internet access.

    Disconnect your system from the DSL cable.
    Connect the Router to your system and power it on.

    Use your brower to access the router configuration;
    you need the Router Default Address, the admin id and the default password.

    Enter for example -- yours may be different

    enter the ud/password pair

    you should get a page with links on it for configuration details like
    WAN setup, LAN setup, Wireless Setup, Administration ....

    At this stage, document your router LAN address, admin id
    Save it and you may need to restart the router (power off/on) and to
    log back onto it via the browser.

    Once this is working, you can cable the DSL to the WAN side port
    (using an Ethernet cable or a USB if you have to).

    The router will setup the WAN side for you and your system should be able to
    surf the net.

    Post back when this is done our when you have issues and we'll continue with
    the wireless setup.
  3. k coon

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    Thank you so much, I will go out and buy the router. Now, I connect THE router to the DSL line coming out of the wall and do all the things you are recommending. What I mean is I won't need another PC connected to the router just the laptop,right?
  4. jobeard

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    you can wire as many as the router has plugs or as few as one,
    IN ADDITION to the wireless connections -- typical limitation for home users is TEN.
  5. k coon

    k coon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I DID IT!!!!
    You are the best! I bought the Belkin and it is working just fine. I can't thank you enough for all your help.

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