RTX 3080 Ti, RTX 3070 Ti rumored to feature Ethereum mining limiter


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It's a shame they can't just make purchasing new cards click and collect only. One person, One Purchase. If anyone needs more than one card then they should be asked to deal directly with the manufacturer or dedicated supplier to purchase multiple cards.



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12GB VRAM instead of 16?

So us 1080 Ti owners get 1 extra GB, when we've been nearing VRAM limits in modern games at max settings (or modded textures) for a couple years now.

And ontop of it, they're going to artificially limit mining capability so they can sell their "mining" cards and screw over anyone who just wants to make a tiny amount of income while they sleep.

And it'll probably be $900+ MSRP instead of the old standard $700.

Good job, Scumvidia. Really making it harder and harder to justify buying their products over AMD.

I've been waiting all this time for the 3080 Ti to come out (as a non-Ti is a waste of money so long as they keep up the same song and dance) and just seeing this 'leak' has me extremely disappointed. What's next? 3080 Ti Super with 16GB instead?

If I didn't have a horrific experience with AMD's GPU's in the past, I'd have jumped ship when the 6000 series came out.