Rumor: Nvidia delays dual-GPU GTX 590 to beat Antilles

By Matthew ยท 33 replies
Nov 19, 2010
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  1. RealXboxMaster

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  2. LinkedKube

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    I dont think I'll ever buy another dual gpu solution. I loved my gtx 295, but when it was time to find another one(just about 5 months ago) I still couldn't find one for under 400+usd.
  3. Regenweald

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    I don't see this happening, these cards are hot, how cut down and down throttled will thay have to be to stay within PCI-E specifications ?
  4. Pretty arrogant considering nobody knows the performance of the 6950/70 we only have hearsay, and everybody has dismissed power-colors confidence in the Radeon product, I for one like AMD, if not for them who knows what we'd have to pay for these types of product's. Nvidia and Intel wouldn't even bother lowering their prices if not for AMD, they are the underdog in this and i'll keep cheering them on Go Cypress go Antilles!!!
  5. I currently have 2 GTX 480's SLI, wonder how these will fare vs a GTX 590. Temping to sell both 480's and save it up to get 1 590 hmm.. I love the fierce competition between AMD ATI and Nvidia, lower prices for us :). I'ved been on both of the camp my cards have been as follows:
    ATI Radeon 9700 pro->
    ATI X1800 XT->
    Nvidia 8800 GTS->
    ATI 4870 to->
    Nvidia 9800 GX2->
    ATI 4890 Crossfired ->
    Nvidia GTX 480 SLI current

    Dead RMA/returned cards:
    Saphire 4870 DOA, no bootup
    GTX 295 bluescreens of death

    suffice to say i'ved had my share of driver issues and performance bugs from both teams. I just get what seems like the best performance for certain titles that I really want to play. Currently the SLI scaling on the 480's is just amazing close to the 90%, so it might be hard to have a 590 beat it.
  6. well for one consoles arnt that great and when it comes to games whats the point at playing a game a low res u lose the eye candy and that's what makes gaming fun eye candy + consoles are low res and all the games look the same and just cause u hook it up to a 42 inch tv doesn't mean your res changes to that just to let ya know
  7. Umm do you know that consoles support 1080p?
  8. Extout

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    I have been running my GTX 295s Quad sli since they first came out an loving them i am waiting to purchase the 590s wow ! right now i run everthing in max graphics an get no lag, frame rates from 80 to 160, they are amazing i am gaming on an I7 intell x58 rig using a samsung 305t 30 inch monitor, at 2560mp x 1600mp. Its wicked. still get my **** kicked in modern warefare 2 though lol well not always : ) AKA Extout
  9. Extout

    Extout TS Rookie

    Both the ps3 an the new xbox support 1080p get the new samsung 6400 55" thats what my kids game on looks really good. I hate consols though. Been gaming on a pc for a long time. lol

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