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Quick question. Hope this is the right forum. When you open a site by clicking run as admin, instead of open. Will it run as admin, for just that time or all times after that?

Jad Chaar

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You can right click on the icon of the program you desire, click properties, go over to the compatibility tab and check the box that says "run as administrator", then click ok/apply. You should be good to go.


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BTW: That is a huge security risk :( Anything accessed by your browser can then easily modify \windows\* files.


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Using UAC & when properly configured, the system prompts for Admin access whenever necessary - - I like that because I can then tell who is accessing what.
For an A/V in the system tray, launching invokes UAC and I don't have to remember - - "oh yea, I need runas..."

Just my $0.02 :grin:


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Sometimes you have to run as the Admin for certain things. UAC can be disabled or limited and also that can cause havoc on some on-board video chips sets since it dims the screen after so many times. In the old days you would create Power User account and leave the Admin account alone.
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