Rundll 0xc0000005

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Jul 5, 2008
  1. Hey,

    recently I've been getting a rundll 0xc0000005 error whenver I tried to open applications and even on start up, also windows will **** itself vanish (so I only have my application visable) and then return. Another thing is that for some reason I can't change my auto download updates for windows or download any new patches for my avg free.

    Can you guys help me out this is really frustrating.
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    Due to the lack of information and no system specs, here's 4,180 hits for you- this is the first page of Google search for rundll 0xc0000005.

    Consider adding our system specs.
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  4. Naveb

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    Ok how do I find out my system specs??
  5. LookinAround

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    you would start by indicating computer make/model. You can get more detail about the components in your system (so you can post the major components as part of your system specs) using Everest Home Edition. Download/install/try running it
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    The most basic information is available in system Properties:
    Control Panel> System> System Properties tab:
    Operating System, version
    Manufacturer: Model

    This tells us whether you use a desktop or laptop (important in heat issues), which operating system you use (Win XP, Vista, etc.) how much RAM is installed (important in possible memory-related issues) Processor type and speed (Intel Pen 4, AMD) particularly important with the issue of the SP3 update)

    You don't need to download a program for this. Additional information can be gotten using a third party program like the Belarc Advisor. This has information that is good for you to know, but much more than we need here.
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